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Declaration GOST R

Declaration of conformity for products GOST R

Declaration of conformity for products GOST R is an official document that confirms the responsibility of the products manufactured by the manufacturer, according to which the quality meets all the established requirements of federal legislation and the safety of national regulatory documents (GOSTs). The document has the same legal force as the certificate of conformity.

Terms and prices

Validity and production

From 8 500 RUB

Registration price

up to 5 years


up to 14-25 working days

Processing time

Document decoration

Operating procedure:

  • We receive an application from you with information about the product and the HS code (ALL Russian Product Classifier or Russian Classification of Products by Economic Activities)
  • Based on the application, we form for you information on the necessary permits, cost and terms
  • We form the layout of the future document for approval, make adjustments if necessary
  • We sign the contract and agree on the payment procedure
  • Sending samples for testing purposes to the laboratory
  • Obtaining a test report and uploading the document to the register of the Federal State Information Service of the Federal Accreditation Service
  • After completing all the steps, we send the originals to your address by courier service

Our advantages:

  • Quality of work: Cooperating with us, you can be sure that you will not face fines, our specialists competently fill out all the documentation, and the company guarantees that the design will be correct.
  • Processing time: Due to the large number of audited bodies and laboratories, we minimize the time required to complete the documentation for you.
  • Opportunities and experience: We work according to all regulations and throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union, there are no impossible tasks for us. Our employees have been in certification since 2010. We solve complex problems as a team.
  • Free consultation: Our specialists will consult you free of charge on obtaining a certificate, declaration and other documentation.
Download an application form

Documents required for the registration of the GOST declaration of conformity:

  • Full name of the organization and the legal address of the manufacturer / seller, as well as his representative, if the production is foreign.
  • Technological documents for the manufacture of products (for a domestic manufacturer).
  • A contract and an invoice or specification for the supply of products to the Russian Federation.
  • Registration documents of the applicant, Primary State Registration Number (OGRN), TIN
  • Documents proving the compliance of the declared products with the established requirements in the GOST R system (if any) with the results of early certification in the Russian Federation and abroad, test reports of product samples carried out in certified testing laboratories, etc.

You are required only primary documents, then our specialists will draw up and fill out a declaration, as well as control each stage.

Product List

Products for which it is necessary to obtain GOST R declarations

The list of products that require the execution and registration of a declaration of conformity with GOST R can be found in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 1, 2009 No. 982 (as amended on July 4, 2020) “On approval of a single list of products subject to mandatory certification and a single list products, confirmation of conformity of which is carried out in the form of acceptance of a declaration of conformity.

Form Declaration of Conformity GOST R (Example)

Declaration of Conformity GOST R

The procedure for issuing a DC GOST R

The manufacturer / seller fills out the GOST R declaration form, submits an application for declaration, submits documents and research results or product samples to a certified body with accreditation by Rosstardart or Rosaccreditation for obtaining a test report. The declaration of conformity is filled in and approved on the basis of data from the test report. In the case of serial production of products, a declaration for the series is drawn up, and if the goods are delivered in a certain volume indicated in the contract, a declaration for the batch is drawn up. Registration options differ in terms of the validity of the declaration.

During registration, the declaration is uploaded to the unified register of GOST R declarations on the official website of the Federal Accreditation Service. Each declaration is assigned an individual registration number, including the code of the certification body and its own serial number, by which you can check its legitimacy in the register of the Federal Accreditation Service (FSA).

Advantages of the GOST R declaration

  • Documentary evidence of products safety and quality
  • The possibility of unhindered import and sale of products on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Avoidance of fines and conflict situations with supervisory and customs authorities

Pay attention to

  • Scope: the GOST R declaration has legal force on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Design features: there is no single form for registration, the declaration is printed on ordinary A4 sheets in accordance with the established form, certified and registered by the certification body (issuing the declaration) and the applicant / manufacturer
  • The importance of the document: the GOST R Declaration of Conformity is a mandatory document for the sale of products on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Validity: maximum validity - 3 years

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